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Initial Evaluation / First Round Editing


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Editing for Content and Sources


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Final Proofreading and Publishing Tips


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Development, Ongoing Support 


From start to finish, our editors will assist you in taking your manuscript from a future dream to a present reality. Spelling, grammar, and basic first run editing are all necessary before submission to a small publisher. This vital process usually entails several rounds of editing, as well as dialogue between you and your assigned editor. At this stage, you will be given an approximate timeline so that you know what to expect. Please answer questions and comments in a timely manner to proceed.


The standard rate applies to those who are able to use either Microsoft Word (and the tracked changes feature in the review tab) or Google Docs (with its editing and tracking features). Other formats of communication and sharing are subject to review.


Further editing will be planned after the initial rounds have been cleared, at which time you can request a specific deadline and set goals for along the way.


Final proofreading is done after you have approved or declined all suggested changes and consider the draft to be done; this way the most minor of mistakes does not escape us. Ideally, there should be no changes at the end of this round, but that has yet to happen on any manuscript - there are always a few!

Students - get writing center quality suggestions and advice. We will not write papers for you. We value academic honesty while maintaining a passion for helping you learn and improve your writing.

Ongoing development and support is a great option for the writer who needs help completing a project on a longer-term basis.

We welcome special projects that may not fit any of the stages exactly but fit with our skills in communication. Just ask if you're not sure!

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