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Hillary Beth Trivette

I've been an editor for 17 years.
Whether for the webzine GGFG, or a freelancer on (, or other independent projects, the time I've spent editing has always been my favorite type of work.

As of the last quarter of 2023, I have had the honor of editing over 85 books in my career. This doesn't count the thousands of consultations on academic papers, business articles, smaller e-books, and work I've done on website content. (I've completed over 1500 orders on Fiverr and maintained a 5-star rating.)

Some of my favorite projects have been proofreading a sci-fi series, and editing and giving feedback on several general novels, as well as editing two books (on grief and for husbands) by a pastor from South Carolina. If you're into the sports world, you'll enjoy knowing that I have worked with Tyrone Smith  on his book and accompanying journal, and Shannon Bobbitt on her autobiography. In 2020, I edited the second book in a series by Matthew Fenn, "The Scorched Crown."
I also edited "The Butterfly Blueprint" by Stephanie Miller

and a book by Rick Norris which was being re-released as well as a short story. Other recent books I've edited include: a dental office design consultant book, an information technology course, and a culture/history book, and a book about authenticity and self-worth

Enjoy suspense? I've had the pleasure to work on a series by Raj Agrawal which can be found here and here.

I also actively work on a variety of projects with Beth Beutler, and highly recommend her professional services through H.O.P.E. Unlimited (Helping Others Pursue Excellence) - you can find her books on Amazon.

While freelancing over the past few years, I've also volunteered with childrens' organizations and programs, been an active part of womens' programs, and had the pleasure of starting to raise a daughter and a son, working when they are napping and after bedtime. You'll see emails from me most often in the afternoon and evenings.

I'm a details person - very little gets past me!


I have to really work to step back and see the big picture - but freelancing has allowed me to finally develop this skill.


I have self-published one title myself, "Write for Him: The Story of GGFG."

This project involved editing 25 different girls' works and forming a collaboration of devotionals, fiction and true stories, poems, and more! These girls represented 10 different countries - and uniquely different backgrounds - but one faith.

My bachelor's degree was in Information Technology with a Media minor in 2011.

I've started my 8th year on Fiverr.


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