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Initial Evaluation / First Round Editing


The initial evaluation involves the editor going through your entire manuscript, creating a timeline that matches your goals, and the work that the editor discovers during the initial read through. A 1500 word sample will also be included so that you can get a feel for the editor's work process.


You can start off your first order, which is a low risk $5, by:

- Attaching the manuscript

- Specifying the sample start and end (default will be first 1500 words)

- Tell us as much or as little as you'd like about your project, goals, previous works


After this, a custom order will be recommended for completion of the document for first round editing, as well as a custom order for the other suggested rounds. Usually a very clean manuscript still needs 2-3 read throughs to catch everything. The rate will be $5 per 800 words for basic editing.


Editing for Content and Sources

This stage of editing can come either before or after several rounds of proofreading at the rate of $10 for every 800 words.


The goal for this kind of editing is to ensure that all content flows well in an order that makes sense and is geared toward the intended audience, that all plot elements go together for fiction works, that there are no unfinished thoughts or unresolved items in the work, and that all sources are cited properly. This includes checking quotes for accuracy if possible, for Christian works - Bible reference checks, and more.


Final Proofreading and Publishing Tips


The rate for the final proofreading will cover a little more, as there should not be as many points to go over. The best way to ensure that this round goes smoothly is to do your part first - implement or decline all former suggestions, follow up all research, and submit what you would consider a ready to publish draft. If it was a previously known issue, it should be resolved before the final proofing - ask us plenty of questions in the previous rounds! The rate will be $5 per 1500 words.


Publishing tips will be provided via answers to questions in email correspondence as well as any spontaneous advice the editor has while checking this last round.


Developmental Editing


Choose this option for a work that is in the very rough stages of development, in which you will need constant feedback or an assistant for various tasks. Time and tasks will be recorded and deducted from the total project amount, which, while paid upfront, you can monitor weekly via progress reports or asking for updates.


You can also choose this option for special projects where you will be providing smaller documents on a daily or weekly basis and would like to reserve time, without making lots of smaller orders. This will need to be a custom amount, so please use the contact form below to discuss your project.


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