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Should I talk to someone before I order?


Yes! To ensure that we understand your project fully, a quick email (which will be answered within 24 hours, if not immediately) is extremely beneficial. If you are confident that you just need a 1500 word or less sample done, you can order the evaluation package at any time.


Note: We will need the entire manuscript to do the initial evaluation, but you will receive back just a 1500 word sample, which will be the first 1500 words unless specified.



My project doesn't seem to fit the standard categories listed. Is it something you would consider doing?


Yes! We love working on non-standard projects. Simply send an evaluation request and explain as much as you can about your work! We may have even done something similar before - you won't know unless you ask!


Why do you charge by every 1500 words?


We charge by this unit because it gives us the best idea of the amount of time and work it will take, and the results you will see - trying to estimate by the number of pages may vary by large amounts in word count, for example. If you aren't sure how to find the word count of a document, we will provide this information from the attached manuscript during the initial evaluation.



Are there are subjects that you will not consider editing?


First, let's look at our purpose: a good editor, by our definition, is able to take your message, in your voice, and present it in the best version of your work that is possible, free and clear of errors of all kinds.


In keeping with our code of integrity and moral conciousness, we do not accept horror, erotic, or obviously plaguarized works. We also reserve the right to decline works if, part way through, there is a sudden turn and extreme violence, language, and sexual acts appear in the text. In other words, if there is a questionable portion of the book, it's better to point that out during the evaluation, than to let us discover this half way through and have to revise an order.


With that being said, works from various religions and philosophies that our editors do not follow will still be respected and kept intact, and will be treated objectively. No issues have been reported up to this time with any work being declined due to just a difference of opinions.

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