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Storage Options for Documents


There are many different "cloud services" out there that allow you to share files and even work on documents simultaneously with other users. If you use multiple devices to view or work on documents, this allows seamless transitions. Just three of the available ones out there I have used:


My personal favorite. I upload Word Docs constantly. You can read more about why I like MS Word for editing, here. If I'd had Onedrive I wouldn't have lost a $90 order when my laptop was stolen, or the other potential unbacked up files.

Up to 1 Tb free with Office365 - get the latest version of Word, Excel, and more with space to back up everything!

Dropbox or, use my link to get 500Mb extra free -

Great way to organize into folders and share specific folders with others, or just specific files. It is easier sharing than Onedrive, in my opinion, and easier to download specific files and folders. 2Gb free to start, share to earn more space or purchase.

Google Drive

Easily work virtually on documents together; edit as suggestions that can be accepted. I find "comments" to be clumsy - you have to press save on each one (but not the edits themselves in the text body). Can accept / reject all suggestions if desired in one lump. Share via a link or directly invite.

15 Gb free to start, ways to earn more space or purchase.

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