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Student Resources

If you're a college student - or even a high school student - with papers to turn in, you might appreciate some of theses resources!

1. Purdue OWL APA? MLA? Are you trying to cite a book, a website, a journal, or a

2. Not 100% accurate - but if you have a decent grasp of English grammar and just want something a little better than MS Word to find what I'll call potential errors, this is free:

3. Need to know how many words you wrote for a forum answer and there's no counter? Paste it into MS Word, or use this, and also get statistics on things like how many times a particular word was used within the text:

4. We know plagiarism is no joke. Check your paper here to avoid unintentionally having too much similarity to something else out there:

Do you have some other tools? Drop us a note and we might just add them!


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